High Power Shoe shine machine

Scale of Application:

The High Power shoe shine machine is considered a good & hygienic & clean method

for cleaning and polishing your shoes. (Two in One)

The appliance is successfully used in Hotels, restaurants, hospitals, offices, factories, ..etc

Shoe shining, provides guest comfort & hospitality in your establishment.

Specifications and Technical Data:

1- Motor 149 Watts, 220 Volts, 50 Hz/sec, current = 1.2 Amp, Motor speed = 940 Rpm

2- Two cleaning brushes, for dark and light shoes + Cream dispenser with transparent


3- Button for switch On/Off, with one minute timer.

4- Cabinet for for keeping shoes, polish bottles.

5- Dimensions: 67 * 41.5 * 95 cm

6- Weight: 40 kgms

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High Power Shoe shine machine

Shoe Shine Machine Wz Coin

Shoe Shine Machine