Energy Saving Products (Motion Sesnsors)

The energy consumption of most buildings can be reduced
immediately and sustainably with relatively minor investment.
For example, a retrofit or initial fitout with highly sensitive,
small motion sensors not only lowers your energy consumption by 30-50%
but it also increases the perceived
comfort in your building.
Very sensitive for any motion,
very small,
looks great on any ceiling
Cut your electricity Monthly Bill, with this short term investment.
Prolong the life of the lamps and avoid frequent buying of new lamps
Can be used on your existing lamps (no need to buy special or new lamps)
One device can control many lamps
For all companies, offices, factories, homes, villas, gardens.
And the most important part that it is high quality

Energy Saving Products (Motion Sesnsors)

Led light with motion sensor

Motion Sensor Na-De (Made in Turkey)

Photocell with Led light


Energy Saving Products (Motion Sensors) (Turkey)