Pest control in Flats, Appartments, & Villas

We combat crawling insects, in apartments, villas, factories, food industries ... etc,  with very effective and long residual effect that can extend to more than one year.

Our prices are fixed for every unit (27-3-2017 ):
Kitchen + Toilet = 600 EGP
Kitchen + Toilet odourless (low smell) = 1200 EGP
One room for roaches, ants = 125EGP

One room odourless (low smell) = 250EGP
One room for bed bugs /room = 200 EGP
One room for mosquitoes,roaches, ants  = 200 EGP
One room for mosquitoes, roaches, ants, & bed bugs  = 250 EGP
Our clients should evacuate the kitchen cupboards from any dishes, utensils, food, ... etc
Our clients should leave the place for 6 hours after finishing the spraying process
We offer our clients one year guarantee if they spray the whole flat.

Pest Control Services

High Power is one of the first companies working in the field of insects and pest control, the owner and manager is a faculty of science and faculty of medicine graduate and an intensive experience and knowledge in this field, we nearly fight against most kinds of insects, including cockroaches, ants, bed bugs, lice, fleas, flying insects like house flies, mosquitoes, and all other nauseant flies, other kinds of pests like weasles, dogs, cats, snakes, ...etc 

Our work based on following HACCP regulations

All our customers are always satisfied from our services, as we care much about them, and we always follow up our business 

We always target the customers who are searching for quality

Software Design for Medium sized and small Companies
If you want to organize your business whatever industrial, trade or
services, we can be of great help to you
If you want to know instantly all the related information by one clikc
If you want a software , easy to use, Customizable, in Arabic, or English,
If you want to cut salaries you pay for too much employees,
If you want a program tailored to your needs
If you have any data on Excel and you do not want to loose it, we can import it to our database
If you need detailed and tailored reports to your needs.
If you want to monitor your database from your home, or any place on the globe, from a Pc or from a Pad / Tab
If you need to start very quickly
If you need to work with a group of employees inside your company sharing data
If you need very quick service and help through remote control.
If you want all this with a reasonable price
Contact High Power and we shall never let you down.

Pest Control according to HACCP Regulations
High Power is one of the first and few companies that perform pest control services according to HACCP regulations, we perform this service according to the latest trends approved by the HACCP certificates,
We present monthly documented reports for pest control services and procedures to our customers, both hard and soft copies.
We also present this service as an integrated process including sticky board fly traps, antishatter covers for florescent lamps, mechanical control, disinfectant dispensers, ... etc.

Just call us to get a quotation